Everything You Need to Know About Pain, powered by Made2Move Physical Therapy

physical training Nov 30, 2019

AUTHOR: Dr. Nate Jones, PT (Made2Move Physical Therapy)


Although pain is a nearly universally shared experience, it is a highly misunderstood phenomenon. Developing an understanding of pain, where it comes from, and why you’re experiencing it can help improve the quality of life and literally decrease the amount of pain you feel. 


The first misunderstanding to clear up is the idea that pain is equivalent to tissue damage or injury. If you break your arm, you don’t feel pain in your arm. Pain, regardless of what kind of pain, is an emotion produced by your brain in response to what it believes to be a threat to the body based on all the information it has access to. Pain is a protective emotional response that evolved to make us deal with whatever our brain perceives the threat to be. 

This concept is likely easier to understand if we roll through the basics of how pain is produced. Let’s go back to the broken arm example. Say you fall down a...

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Are you eating enough calories?

nutrition Nov 30, 2019

AUTHORS: Kathryn Adel, MS, RD, CSSD, LD and Janet Carter, MS, RD, LDN, CLS, CPT

Insufficient caloric intake can have serious consequences on the health of triathletes (both men and women) including an increased risk of injuries and infections, a decrease in bone mineral density and subsequently an increased risk of stress fractures, micronutrient deficiencies such as iron and calcium and decreased sports performance. It should be noted that the prevalence of eating disorders is higher among athletes than non-athletes and has been on the rise for the past two decades.

The absence of menstruation is a common condition among women athletes but is often ignored and considered to be a normal result of intensive training. It is, however, often caused by an insufficient energy intake that can have serious health consequences. The female athlete triad is first defined by three criteria: an insufficient energy intake, a decrease in bone mineral density, and the absence of...

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Welcome to the Coaches' Corner, powered by Axes Performance Coaching

coaches' corner Nov 30, 2019

AUTHOR: Brad Johnson, Head Coach & Founder, Axes Performance Coaching

Welcome to the Coaches' Corner blog, powered by Axes Performance.  We see endurance sport as an enabling force for good in the lives of athletes and the people they care about, and we are constantly working to produce opportunities for improved athletic, personal and professional achievement by creating possibilities of mind/body performance that surpasses linear measurement.  We look forward to sharing some of these opportunities and possibilities with you through our many networks, including this blog.

Please connect with us as we explore topics and the Axes perspective on topics including sport and life balance, the Axes definition of coaching (spoiler alert - it takes more than a certification), training strategies, the mental and physical aspects of racing, overall mental skills training and much more.  We will connect with various coaches and experts in these and numerous other fields to...

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