Goal Setting is about more than setting goals!

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." - Zig Ziglar

Optimizing the Offseason - Part 7:
There is more to Goal Setting than Setting Goals!

There is so much out there right now on goals. SMART goals, tiered goals, training goals, race goals… No matter the method, its name or acronym, effective goals have a few core characteristics, such as being challenging, attainable, measurable and adaptable. What if identifying and choosing goals is only the beginning?

Setting goals is the initial phase in a multiphase psychological skills process called Goal Setting. In the weeks ahead, we will explore how Goal Setting, as one element of mental skills training, can have a greater impact on performance and lead to more powerful outcomes throughout the season.

There it is. Setting goals is not the same as Goal Setting. It might not be new, and it certainly is not something just being discovered.

Let’s start bringing the larger process called Goal Setting out of the shadows by reflecting on how goals have been utilized and managed in past training seasons. The foundation for success in this area is self-awareness.


Axes Performance Tip #7

  1. Choose one of the goals that you set at the beginning of a previous season.
  2. What were the characteristics of the goal? Was it challenging, attainable, measurable and adaptable?
  3. Start to track that goal through your season - How was the goal used? Was it used? Did it help motivate you? Did you push harder to achieve that goal? Did you shy away from that goal at anytime in the season?
  4. Was the goal ultimately achieved? If not, what factors were at play? If yes, what attribute or circumstance is most closely linked to this success?

We will explore more on this topic, and provide tools to start establishing strong Goal Setting, in the weeks ahead. I hope you will join us on this exploration!


- Coach Brad


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