Welcome to the Coaches' Corner, powered by Axes Performance Coaching

coaches' corner Nov 30, 2019

AUTHOR: Brad Johnson, Head Coach & Founder, Axes Performance Coaching

Welcome to the Coaches' Corner blog, powered by Axes Performance.  We see endurance sport as an enabling force for good in the lives of athletes and the people they care about, and we are constantly working to produce opportunities for improved athletic, personal and professional achievement by creating possibilities of mind/body performance that surpasses linear measurement.  We look forward to sharing some of these opportunities and possibilities with you through our many networks, including this blog.

Please connect with us as we explore topics and the Axes perspective on topics including sport and life balance, the Axes definition of coaching (spoiler alert - it takes more than a certification), training strategies, the mental and physical aspects of racing, overall mental skills training and much more.  We will connect with various coaches and experts in these and numerous other fields to...

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