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The Triathlon & Multisport Club is Charleston's only year-round comprehensive endurance training experience,  built on a platform of education and focus on increasing athlete self-awareness to drive maximum athletic development and performance.  Our local coaches work with you to build an increased knowledge of training technique, purpose and athletic progression to help you take your training and racing to places beyond your imagination. 

Charleston's Triathlon & Multisport Club provides all athletes, from beginner to experienced, opportunities to:

  • Train with a community of motivated athletes

  • Learn from experienced and dedicated local coaches.

  • Reach individual training targets in a group setting

  • Create improved awareness as an athlete

  • Establish and achieve individual goals in training and racing

We look at athletic development as more than just training and plans.  Our focus is to help you become the most COMPLETE athlete that you can be by looking at ALL of the factors that influence your training and performance.  This approach allows our club to have a powerful impact on athletes of all experience levels. 

Share your passion and achieve more together!


Become a CTMC Member for only $120 each year!

Membership includes:

  • A consultation with a Certified Performance Coach to discuss your goals and training needs as a member of CTMC
  • Group training opportunities
  • Awesome social events
  • Exclusive sponsor benefits and discounts
  • Exclusive partner discounts, including nutritional support from Registered Dietitians
  • Discounts on exclusive CTMC gear



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