We see endurance sport as enabling force for the good in the lives of our athletes, their families, and our coaches alike.



Axes provides an athlete-centered coaching experience through the capacity to embrace and utilize complex and cutting-edge skills in listening, speaking, and applying principles of coaching leading to transformational client-coach relationships and outcomes.



Our mentoring program is designed to: 

  • Enhance your self-awareness as a coach, 
  • Connect with clients more authentically,
  • Align your strengths with ideal clients,
  • Improve your self-promotion strategy & tactics.

What our coaches say:

“Axes has given me a renewed sense of self in my coaching experience as well as my own journey as an athlete. Brad has helped me uncover the experience I want my clients to have and commit to giving them that experience.”

“Aligning with Axes was a brilliant professional move. I am able to create an authentic marketing presence that feels genuine to who I am as a coach.”

“I love the community that I have with Axes. Sometimes, being an endurance coach can feel lonely. I feel like I get to troubleshoot and enhance my experience as a coach!”

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" If you are looking for a coach that is experienced, knowledgeable and really cares about your outcomes then you have come to the right place. Brad's coaching style is one that will stretch your abilities and at the same time develop you to perform your ​best when you need it the most. "


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