Axes Coaching is committed to its clients’ goals and intentions for their lives through personalized, holistic and values-driven coaching. Brad Johnson founded and leads Axes from the knowledge that effective coaching comes from a place of authentic commitment to people and principle. The Axes team is an extension of this vision, a network of experienced coaches operating in alignment with Brad and each other.


Brad Johnson is founder, owner, and head coach of Axes Performance Coaching.

With a degree in biochemistry from Boston College and more than a decade’s worth of experience in the biotech industry, Brad approaches endurance coaching with a scientific mind. Personal experiences have also left him with a uniquely authentic appreciation for and understanding of the power of the human body and spirit.

In 2003, Brad was diagnosed with late-stage head and neck cancer and underwent aggressive treatment as part of a clinical trial. He overcame the odds and beat the disease and, as part of the healing process, sought a space where he could regain control of his physical self. He found that space in the world of endurance sport. He signed up for an Olympic-distance triathlon—the first he had attempted—to celebrate being one year past cancer treatments. Upon crossing the finish line, he thought, “I will do better next time.” Put simply: he was hooked.

Brad dove headfirst into endurance sport as both an athlete and coach and over the last 16 years has founded several community-based multisport coaching clubs, coached more than 1,000 athletes, and completed more than 100 endurance events (including multiple Boston Marathons, numerous full Ironman events, and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships). 

Through Axes, he offers highly customized private coaching to optimize his clients’ performance every day, not just on race days. More than that, Brad—a father of two and husband to his wife, Tamara—aims to help his athletes integrate their journey in endurance sport with the rest of their lives in a way that levels up their experience across the board.


Brad is a certified coach with Ironman, USAT (Brad is the only USAT Level II coach in South Carolina), USAT Youth & Junior Elite, Road Runners Club of America, and US Masters Swimming. He is also an Integrative Health Coach having completed the Intregative Health Coach Professional Training Program at Duke Integrative Medicine. 

" If you are looking for a coach that is experienced, knowledgeable and really cares about your outcomes then you have come to the right place. Brad's coaching style is one that will stretch your abilities and at the same time develop you to preform your ​best when you need it the most. "


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